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When to Avoid Promotional Items and Tradeshows

A trade show is a perfect time to give away promotional items like you don’t have to do it that often with your customers. You can have customers look over your catalog, the new products you have, and order for the items you offer. Even if your event is in another city, you can get all of your supplies shipped to your event location. You’ll also lose money if you keep selling the items your customers won’t be interested in. This isn’t a competition, it’s a test.

There are a lot of unqualified leads that are wandering the trade show floor who are purchasing these promotional products, so you have a much easier time selling to the prospects that will give you the interest.

The negative aspect of Promotions

If you decide to carry your inventory from a different city, you will lose a lot of sales from the customers that didn’t care for your big names. When you set up your display at a trade show, if you “only” have sporting goods for sale items, it will be the same type of salesman that’s walking the floor. Something to write down for the salesman, like a “palms back” that’s a fist. That’s why you get agreement mails so often before anyone will sign up for bulk orders.

On the trade show floor, you want something that is both impressive and ready to see the customer purchase from you. The other times you don’t want to hand your bag to a customer and have them walk away. For example, after delivering a nice truck and get them in the open, they are going to walk up to your product, not be enticed by the big names, and walk away!

You avoid that by not having the big names on the display!

There are other times you even want these big names, the threats, and the trills, but you don’t have room the on the display. This is because once your customer is at the show, they are in one spot, trying to find another display and another exhibit to take them to. They can never stop and go to another booth even if it’s 20′ away, and there can be many pieces of product at another booth. Don’t let these important signs to a customer leave because they can’t find another booth.

If a customer is interested in your products, once they are there, they will go back to the office, do a little research, contact you, and empower themselves to purchase too much of your product.

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