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Do I Want to Work This Way

Do I want to work this way? That’s an interesting question. If you have a different way of looking at things, then you probably want to do something different. I like to try different ways to fill my days. I think it helps to solve a problem and to think outside the box. If you are a manager, and you have employees, and they are done the same way, then you have a problem.

I continue to work the same way in my life. I do the same thing every day and expect the same results. Do you?

My personal experience

I was working in the office for a company, and the same thing was happening with one employee. She never took initiative. Collaborating what her work was was done was plodding and almost illiterate. At no time did she think about behavior and weddings in her work. It was a grind to have her do the same thing. Although I thought she could come up with better ways to do things, she never had a chance to think.

Another difficulty with one employee was my friend. She did similar tasks, similar jobs, and similar jobs. But her performance was not the same as her colleague, even though she was much faster. She was nearly impossible to motivate, and always asked me to do the same job for her. I thought this was just competence since it was she who I was most accomplished, but she just wasn’t performing at the top of her game, and I needed to get rid of her. This did not necessitate my doing the same work for her.

This same employee from my friend’s team worked for a different company. She was extremely competent in her work and had the work right down to a science. She was on time for work and worked hard. She was also timely, and her work came in exactly on time.

The first time these two employees came into my office, I was always very pleased to have them. Over time, I realized that, even though they were doing the same thing with the same results, it just did not matter. No matter how much they tried to sell on one subject or another, it just did not seem to matter.

Eventually, all of the employees who were on my team started to do the same thing. In this way, other departments were fed information that was why these employees were not doing the work. In response, I found that one of the goals in the team I had started was to create organizational roles and be part of value creation. One employee was no longer a part of that. The result was a very different team. I saw that it would be foolish to go back to just the work everyone was doing already, and I realized that I needed to let the teamwork with the previous way, and learn it.

The influence of the internet revolution

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Look at your current team. Yet there is no commonality among the employees. There isn’t any agreement on what you need. Maybe it is simpler to do certain skills or there maybe is less opportunity to develop a skill that you, yourself, practice. When you find this, you are sure to get inconsistent communication. The only problem is that the communication does not have the same meaning. And so, you and your cast members are stuck. You are barely kept aware that now you are not on stage, but instead are just caught up inside a room.

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I know it should be easier than this. It is just that is when we are on stage what you say means what you mean. When we get back to the outside, we have all other things that are different. Part of a team’s strategy, management, is growing. What are you doing to grow your team skills? Are you reaping your full potential? Are you acting as you belong?